“Learning from Country” enjoyed by all participants April 9, 2018

APCS teachers with Tribal Warrior dancers, Uncle Terry and Lisa

A great day out on Clark Island, learning from Country

Teachers participating in the Emu dance led by Uncle Terry and sung by Lisa

Learning from Gadigal country at Clark Island – what were the flora and fauna used for pre-invasion

Fish traps were used on the outside of Clark Island to trap fish for the surrounding clans as the tides receded

The Mari Nawi – skipper and crew from the Tribal Warrior taking teachers out on Sydney Harbour to learn more about Country

The ‘Lomandra’ or Mat Rush plant was used as a water source to keep the local people hydrated, a plant for weaving and as a seasonal indicator to alert the locals to snakes

The Kangaroo head shaped rock formation on Clark Island

The Tribal Warrior staff brief ASA participants on the history of Gadigal Country

Tour of Clark Island on board the Mari Nawi with the Tribal Warrior and ASA team

Uncle Terry taking the teachers back to the life of the local clans prior to 1788 – beautiful Sydney day for it

Sailing through Warrane (Sydney Cove) on the Mari Nawi with the Tribal Warrior lead by Uncle Shane Phillips