Professional Learning and Research

This section highlights new learning and research in the wider fields of Aboriginal Studies and Aboriginal Education. The Professional Learning focus of the ASA will continue to be our annual ASA Conference held each year.

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Professional Learning for Teachers

Join us this Friday 5th April 2019, on board the Tribal Warrior’s Mari Nawi for a ‘Learning from Country’ Experience on Gadigal land.  Then back at the Tribal Warrior conference room for practical applications of Learning from Country.

Limited spots available…



Aboriginal Education Matters: An Introductory Workshop

A professional learning day for teachers Years 1-10 Friday 10 May 2019, 9.00am-3.00pm

Sydney School of Education and Social Work

More Professional Learning Opportunities and a full schedule for 2019 to come in the next two weeks….


On Gadigal Country

Uncle Terry taking the teachers back to the life of the local clans prior to 1788 – beautiful Sydney day for it

A great day out on Clark Island, learning from Country

Learning from Gadigal country at Clark Island – what were the flora and fauna used for pre-invasion

APCS teachers with Tribal Warrior dancers, Uncle Terry and Lisa

Teachers participating in the Emu dance led by Uncle Terry and sung by Lisa

A great day out on Clark Island, learning from Country

Fish traps were used on the outside of Clark Island to trap fish for the surrounding clans as the tides receded

The Kangaroo head shaped rock formation on Clark Island


Further research can be found by visiting the ACER – Australian Council for Educational Research: Indigenous Education site.

The links below point to relevant contemporary research and learning and is updated periodically.

2012 Burgess&Cavanagh Connecting to Country – Review (for interim reports see Archives- Past Articles)

2011 Cth Gov Overcoming Indigenous Disadv – Full Report

2011 Cth Gov Overcoming Indigenous Disadv – Overview

2011 Santoro-etal Listening to and Learning from Aboriginal Teachers

2011 Mulford CTGC Teacher and Leader Quality – Impact

2010 ACER PISA Context for Achievement of Indigenous Students

2009 Hughes CIS Naplan & Success and Failures

2008 Bucksin Review of Victorias Indigenous Edn Strategies

2005 ACER Edn Outcomes Indig Students

2004 NSW DET Review of Aboriginal Education – Recommendations

2004 Mellor Corrigan ACER The Case For Change

2004 AEU Quality Educators Produce Quality Outcomes

2000 ACER PISA Comparison Indigenous Students

2000 Purdie-etal DETYA Self Identity and Outcomes